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INDIA HYDRAULICS is a leader in Hydraulic Industry, a path defining company that is taking hydraulics to another level. In terms of designing, manufacturing as well as nationwide supply of hydraulic systems, we have created smart solutions that befit our bespoke solutions. All our products meet ISO, SAE, DIN & JIS standards. This defines the credibility of our products.

For sets apart from the rest is our in-house engineering and designing team that is always optimistic in finding the right system design with our state of art 3D Solid works CAD & Edge Cam software. The team is always geared up to systematically develop and manufacture high-spec hydraulic systems and controls that meet the needs of our valuable customers. For more than 2 decades we have been supplying to major Industrial segments which includes Construction machinery, Cement , Water well Drilling rigs, Injection moulding, Paper Industry, Machine tools, Surface & Underground mining, Defence and other industries.

We at India Hydraulics using the specialised hydraulic and electronic controls which empower and enable us to create a catalytic effect so that we can minimise the downtime. We provide a comprehensive backup post project delivery to ensure that we will fulfil our promise right from conception, complete with thorough installation to delivering the solutions and products that your business requires to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Our bespoke solutions and manufacturing capabilities are kept in-house so that we can deliver a turnaround time faster and more efficiently. Our quality assurance team and adherence to industry standards helps us achieve our project delivery times and schedules. We have a professionally qualified and trained technical team backed with experience that is dedicated and takes care of the assembly of hydraulic products. All we do is put everything together in compliance with project delivery standard at high quality effective hydraulic systems. We work with all kinds of businesses both large and small companies. Our clients are multi -cultural and have a diverse perspectives requirement that is why we magnify the dynamics of our understanding of the needs of our clients.

We maintain the customer confidentiality requirements and we value that practice and respect at all given times.

When Ramasamy & Moorthy established India Hydraulics in 1991, the company began as a small industry. What motivated the founders was that they believed and knew that they could competitively priced and provide quality service. The industry needed smart and quicker alternatives visa vis nationwide companies that play by the ‘number game’. Hard work, indefatigable dedication and a robust aspiration to succeed and delivery to the industry the solutions it so required the business began operations from TIRUCHENGODE and soon strong business relationships were formed. The idea was to create a dependable supplier and manufacturer to look at solutions from a hydraulic engineering view. Increasing demand, timely solutions and compliance to industry standards resulted in continued success. Today we have a 6000 sq ft manufacturing unit 1 and a 2000 sq ft assemblies’ unit 2 and many more than satisfied customers who can vouch for reliability and our solutions. We have wide array assemblies and product line including hose, Hose assemblies, Hose fittings, seals, O-rings , adapters, Elbows used for bore wells ,Earthmoving, cement industries , mine industries , oil and gas industry, construction as well as the automobile industries.

Mission: We do, we deliver, we adhere to hydraulic engineering principles “. . . .What We Do Is What We Say . . .”

Vision : Specialize in designing and manufacturing hydraulic equipment and delivery next generation quality and solutions

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